Welcome to a modern take on apartments in DC at The Yards.

Imagine a life where you have exactly what you need. Nothing more, nothing less. Where material things are immaterial, save for those that express your true self. That includes the little things that add meaning to your life. Savoring the catch-of-the day at Due South. Being on a first-name basis with the head brewer at Bluejacket. Going to see the Nats pull off a big win. Finding your strong at VIDA fitness. Taking in a concert on the cool grass at The Yards Park. Meandering the Anacostia River Walk Trail with your favorite flavor from Ice Cream Jubilee in hand. Living at Twelve12 is about what you’re about. It’s a life less ordinary. And more meaningful. A life that veers off the path from time to time, into unexpected, unpredictable, and magically random territory. A life of exploration, freedom, happiness. A life where you’re comfortable in your home. And in your skin. A life that you live unscripted. One day, one moment at a time. Welcome to Twelve12. This is not just where you live, but how you live. And how you live is nothing short of awesome.